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Time flies

Has it really been 4 years since I last posted in here? Unbelievable. I don't even know if anyone still frequents this place.

Finding it difficult to remember how it all works, TBH!!
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The great rename ripoff

So yeah, I have been neglecting LJ, I know it... But while I couldn't sleep tonight I was pootling around a little bit, doing some housekeeping, and I thought I would just take a look at how you go about changing your name. Not that I don't LIKE this name, but all those numbers are... Well... A little clunky. "No harm in just looking..." I thought. Until I saw that they want you to pay FIFTEEN DOLLARS just to change your name!! FIFTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS? You have gotta be kidding me! Am I missing something, is it really SO DIFFICULT to change a few letters and numbers on a database? Geez. Even if I had that kind of money spare to throw around I would give it to charity before I would pay it for that. Serenity151979 I am staying!!
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I want to be a pin-up siren


Yet another sleepless night. For those of you who have been following me on facebook recently, you'll know that my HEDS has been kicking my ass as of late, especially regarding my sleep pattern. So many nights left laying here, eyes wide open, contemplating the point of it all. So rather than going crazy, I instead trawl the internet looking for vintage-inspired loveliness, beautiful clothes, gorgeous lingerie, fabulous hair and make-up and the amazing women who wear it all. I dream that some day I can be just like them. And I will!!! *Determined*
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Hello everyone, yes I am still alive! The past while has been strange, started Fentynal patches, had to come off Tramadol because the combination gave me sleep apnea, ick, and the withdrawal gave me hypersomnia, so for the past 4 weeks I've slept about 18 hours a day. EDS still kicks my ass most days but what can you do, eh?

Talking HEDS is going well, and my new group Horrible Histories for Christmas number one - Literally!! is my new crack. I <3 Mat Baynton as well.

Just thought I'd pop on and do a two minute 'Bob Hale'esque update!! \o/ hope you are all doing good.

Hmmmm.. I need a Mat Baynton icon...

Noelian Heights

I know I haven't been here in forever, but squee at the momentous and beautiful Noelian that took place on 'Let's Dance' last night!

I screamed, laughed and cried, all while trying to dial Noel's number. That's probably why he didn't win, we all got the wrong number in our fangirlish swoon.
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Do you have Facebook? Then step right this way....

I'm asking everyone I know (and even those I don't who have happened to wander this way) to vote for EDS TODAY on Chase Community Giving's charity poll on Facebook. Chase will give at least $20,000 to every charity in the top 200 in the poll, but will give $100,000 to places five-two and $250,000 to the first-placed charity. EDS TODAY is trying to raise money for vital research, at the minute we are in third place but every vote counts as it is so close between second, third and forth right now. Please click on the link and vote, it means so much to me and every other sufferer out there.

Thank you xoxox
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Vortex II

Time again for Vortex, the Dr Who convention in Belfast. Last year I was just a wide-eyed attendee. This year,I was staff =)

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So all in all it was a brilliant day, and it all seemed to look pretty smooth, despite the bumps and hitches going on behind the scenes!

So today I'm going to stay in bed and not do ANYTHING. =)
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castiel orly?


Some of you guys were asking for a front view of my new haircut, so here it is (finally). I had been planning on waiting until I'd got make-up on and stuff, but I got new Fudge wax today and had been having a play with it, so I thought I'd get a photo of that. Was supposed to go today and get it coloured but my hairdresser had to postpone, I'll hopefully be going on Monday now.

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