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A few of my aids from the occupational therapist turned up this morning, I've been sent a stool for the bathroom, chair raisers (the armchair is so low and soft that even my in-shape other half has trouble getting out of it), foam cutlery handles to make it easier to hold my fork when my hands are rebelling against me, and a hook to do up buttons. Yeah, don't think that one will be used much. I only really have buttons on my jeans and it just doesn't work (nevermind the fact that my hands shake too much to get the button into the hook in the first place. It's like one of those games where you move the loop over the wire and try not to sound the buzzer.) All the other stuff should come in handy though.

The new wheelchair should be here in about 5 weeks or so. At the minute I'm using a loaner from the Red Cross, which I've already had for longer than the original agreed time (negotiating skills FTW) The woman from the Red Cross was due to contact me 'at the beginning of February' to sort out collection of it but I've heard nothing from her so far, and I aint rushing her along. This new chair will be sized for me though, and so will be slightly smaller and neater than the one I'm in at the minute, which will making getting through narrow shop aisles a little easier. It's unbelievable how much crap shops leave in the middle of their aisles. Yeah, your boxes of hair dye are half-price, wonderful, but do you have to plonk the crate of them right in the middle so I can't fit around either side?

I digress. Still no word from the physiotherapist, even though my OT was submitting a new referral as 'urgent'. Still waiting for my GP to reply to the questionnaire for my Blue Badge (disabled parking pass). Apparently it's somewhere towards the bottom of a very large 'to-do' pile. He's had it for a month, so he can't be going near his pile all that often. *sigh* I'm seeing him in 30 minutes for my sore throat... do I dare mention it to him again (for the third time)?
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