December 5th, 2006


My eye adventures

Apologies to those on the forums who have read this already:

So, you all want to hear about the operation, don't you?


We arrived at the hospital at 3pm, joined the queue for the car park. 20 MINUTES later we were finally parking the car. Then we had to find the right building. We ended up climbing 8 floors to find the Ophthalmology department (my mum can't stand lifts) only to be told we were in the wrong place. So, down the 8 floors again and on to a completely different building, and up 2 more flights of stairs. I just had time to use the bathroom before I was called.

So they took me in, took my medical history and did some eyesight tests, then they took me into another room and put my head into this holder and shone lights in my eyes, then poked and prodded at both eyes, put dye in them, shone different lights in them, prodded them again, pulled the lid about.

Then she sat back and said "Yeah, sorry, we can't do anything for you."

Pause while my jaw hits the floor.

Then I said about the pain, the discharge every morning, the discomfort and PLEASE do something to ease it. She said that the cysts were too small to remove (but big enough to cause pain and general grossness) and that the scarring from removing them would probably be just as uncomfortable as the cysts.

Then she told me that there was a good chance that they would never go away, I might get more of them, and they might move to my other eye as well, and there's nothing they can do.

I pleaded with her again to do something to help me, and her suggestion was that I bathe my eye every morning. I told her that I've been doing that for a year. So she suggested lubricating eye drops so the cysts won't rub against the eyeball as much. Then she sat back as if to say 'what else do you expect from me?'

So here I am, stuck like this probably for the rest of my life, and it can probably get worse.

I really don't know how to feel right now. It feels strange to be upset that I haven't had surgery. But as syd can tell you, I was so excited to finally be getting this sorted and to have a normal eye again.

So, I'm going to pay for my lifetime membership of the bad eye club in one lump sum, it's bound to be cheaper that way.

But I really appreciate all the good luck wishes and messages. Sorry they were for nothing.
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