July 16th, 2007

Jack Harkness

And mine said for coughs

Went back to the doctor this evening to tell him that the stuff I got for my cough the last time I was there (from the other doctor) was about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The cough seems to be getting worse instead of better, especially at night. I'm not getting much sleep at the minute because I keep waking up in a coughing fit which then makes me want to vomit and/or pass out.

He says that the cough itself might be coming from an excess of acid in my stomach, (which might also explain the nausea and stuff) so he's given me some tablets to try, but he says they'll take a month to even start working, then I have to go back to him for a progress report. In the meantime to try and ease the cough, I've been ordered to suck sweets, drink plenty of tea, and every evening have a shot of whiskey. Seriously!
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