November 4th, 2007

Jayne firefly

Can it be commentz tiem plz?

Has lj stopped sending comment notifications to hotmail addresses? I haven't got any emails in absolutely ages now.

Come on lj, don't piss me off!

ETA: Yep, switched to gmail and lo and behold it works.
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squee jensen

Retail therapy cures all

To cheer myself up, this afternoon I ordered this and, even more excitingly this as I'm a total Heroes nerd atm. marshallexi can tell you how long I've been coveting that one.

I just hope I've picked the right size as they're men's t-shirts, but we'll find out in five to seven days.

In other news, my husband made a pretty good attempt at slicing his right thumb off yesterday. Man + stanley knife = DIY disaster and a trip to A&E for stitches. Silly man.

As for me, same old same old. Still waiting for my neurologist appointment, probably won't be until the new year now. And I spent last night unable to sleep because I've got some sort of flu, you should have seen me wandering blindly around in the dark at 4am looking for crackers because I hadn't been able to eat all day and was starting to get that feeling like you're passing out (but you're actually scared you're dying). But in my drug-induced, sleep deprived state I invented a new game show and it's proper genius. I should really pitch it to a TV company.
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