November 13th, 2007

squee jensen


Stanley is HOME! *happy dance* The doctors are amazed at his recovery. He's been seen by the dietician and she was well pleased with the diet we'd already put him on and told us to continue that, and the cardiac rehab people say there's no reason why he shouldn't be back to total fitness in six months. He's on a load of new medication to help with his recovery, and he's been given a rehabilitation programme to start on after another week of full rest.

We're all thrilled, obviously. To be told less than a week ago that he mightn't make it through the night, to prepare ourselves for the worst.... and now we have him home..... it just seems unreal. Like a miracle.

Thank you all once again for all the moral support, it really made the difference to know that you guys were out there thinking about us and wishing us well.

*hugs each and every one of you*
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