December 1st, 2007


Hospital appointment

*Apologies to those who have read this already (I'm copy-pasting cuz I'm lazy like that)

I had my appointment with the neurologist this afternoon, and we were all pretty shocked to find out that I actually have a brain. But I digress. After loads of questioning about my medical history, some tests (one of which included sticking a pin into various body parts - ouch!) and some other shiz, he's concluded that my headaches are 'ice-pick headaches' (so called because it's like being stabbed with an ice-pick through your head repeatedly) and he's going to give me different types of medication to try until I find one that works. If none of them work then he's going to bring me back for another examination, but *hopefully* they will help me. Although it's a very nasty condition to have, it's not life-threatening.

As for my hand, he wants to bring me in for a nerve conduction test to check for nerve problems, but he says it's possibly connected to the headaches, he says it's like a migraine, only in the arm. (that could take up to 12 weeks before I get an appointment) And he thinks the other problems I'm having are coming from the head as well.

So I'm off to my GP on Monday morning to get the medication and fingers crossed!

I'm in bed now because I'm knackered and I've just had some Thai takeaway as I haven't been able to eat or sleep for the past three days through sheer nerves.
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