December 8th, 2007


Yay and Boooooo.

Went shopping in Belfast today with my sisters, we arrived at about 10:30 am and went around the main shopping centre for a while, then about 12pm or so we decided we'd get some lunch, but Alison had to go to a shop for something first and the queue was massive, and I started to feel a little strange so I went outside and sat down to wait for her. Then when Alison bought her stuff and came back out we went on to see about stopping for lunch, then they spotted another clothes shop they wanted to go into, and I followed them in and started to feel really weak, like I was about to fall over. I said I would wait outside, and I tried to get over to the side away from the shops but the throng of people coming my way meant I had to walk further and further to try and get a break in the crowd to get through. As I went, my vision started to go fuzzy, and then went black. Luckily I'd got to the side rail (more by luck than judgement) and as there were no seats I just sank down on the floor. Alison and Tracey came back to check on me, and seeing me slumped on the floor Tracey went off to get me a sugary drink and Alison stayed with me. Alison said my head just dropped, I think I was actually out cold for about 10 seconds, then I came around and looked up at her and she said I looked like I was on another planet. Tracey came back, got some lucozade into me and they stood around me to sort of shield me from gawping passers-by. After I while I felt able to get up and they took me to the bathroom to sort myself out. I felt not too bad after that, and was able to continue shopping. But I'm been having really bad muscle cramps all day, and my right hand actually went into such a bad cramp that it turned into a claw for a while. I'm still feeling a bit odd, sort of spaced out and still cramping all over.

It turns out that these things are side-effects from my medication. I'll have to say all these things to the doctor and see what he thinks. Because although the headaches were hell, the side effects of these tablets seem really shitty as well. I'm so disappointed and concerned about where I go from here, will I have to go on the epilepsy medication which brings another whole host of side-effects potentially even worse than this one?

Anyway, on to the good things, I got my Christmas shopping finished, I bought myself a new black trilby style hat, some red satin long gloves, some knee-length red velvet boots and some red skinny jeans (on a red kick atm) and the tiniest purple check kilt from Jane Norman to be worn with big boots and thick purple tights, a massive purple ring, a J-LO After Dark perfume set and I bought Richard a gorgeous black shirt with a hot pink/purpley pinstripe for Christmas.

I was in Ann Summers and the assistant upstairs wanted to know where I got my boots (which I've had for over 10 years) and she was squeeing madly about them. Then I was chatting to the assistant downstairs and she did the same!! She was lovely too, very nice and really pretty with amazing red hair.

Then we sang Christmas songs the entire way home.
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