January 20th, 2013

vintage yellowdress

I want to be a pin-up siren


Yet another sleepless night. For those of you who have been following me on facebook recently, you'll know that my HEDS has been kicking my ass as of late, especially regarding my sleep pattern. So many nights left laying here, eyes wide open, contemplating the point of it all. So rather than going crazy, I instead trawl the internet looking for vintage-inspired loveliness, beautiful clothes, gorgeous lingerie, fabulous hair and make-up and the amazing women who wear it all. I dream that some day I can be just like them. And I will!!! *Determined*
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The great rename ripoff

So yeah, I have been neglecting LJ, I know it... But while I couldn't sleep tonight I was pootling around a little bit, doing some housekeeping, and I thought I would just take a look at how you go about changing your name. Not that I don't LIKE this name, but all those numbers are... Well... A little clunky. "No harm in just looking..." I thought. Until I saw that they want you to pay FIFTEEN DOLLARS just to change your name!! FIFTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS? You have gotta be kidding me! Am I missing something, is it really SO DIFFICULT to change a few letters and numbers on a database? Geez. Even if I had that kind of money spare to throw around I would give it to charity before I would pay it for that. Serenity151979 I am staying!!