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Tennis rant. Soderling fans may want to avoid.

So, Rafa's out of the French open, the first time he's ever lost there. It's a little shocking, and upsetting, especially as Rafa never really seemed to feel comfortable out there today and certainly wasn't playing anywhere near his best. I kinda felt from the start that today was going to be his last day, unfortunately. It's horrible enough for him to be gone, but I just hate the fact that he was took out by Soderling. I'm sorry, but I hate that guy. I don't normally have actual hate for players, either I just don't bother to follow them or I root for the opposing player, or even if I'm not particularly keen on their personality I can still appreciate them as a good player. But I just don't have that ability with Soderling, I can't find anything redeeming about him at all. I think the only player I dislike more than him is Tipsarevic, and at least Murray has already taken care of him (OK, he retired, but still) so I don't have to look at him any more.

But Soderling is through. Urgh.

Come on and win this thing, Roger. Rafa's already said he wants you to. At least then this year's Roland Garros won't have been a total bust.


"It's not a tragedy, I had to lose one day. I must accept my defeats with the same level of calm that I accept my victories."

Rafael Nadal
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