Checking in

Hey guys, just a drive by to wave at you all and blow kisses. Hopefully I'll have a longer post for you with some more health-related stuff in the next week or so, and that may explain a few more things or at least elaborate on my previous 'health' post.

To those of you who have recently friended me, welcome aboard! There's not much going on right now, but it's great to have you anyway. To those who have defriended me, I understand, I haven't been around so I'm pretty much top of the list for flist trims. Still love ya!
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I'm still alive!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around LJ much lately, sorry about that. I've missed you all! Some of you I've kept up to date with Facebook, but for everyone else I'll do a recap of what's been going on.

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Murray at Queen's final

London and Queen's Club

As most of my flist already know, the AEGON Championships at Queen's Club, London, were held over the weekend. We had tickets for the semi-finals and the finals, and although Nadal had sadly pulled out due to a knee injury, I was still looking forward to seeing tennis live and in the flesh.

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squee jensen

Home again!

Hey everyone! Home safe, tennis was amazing, weather was glorious and I'm way past the point of exhaustion. =) Will blog more soon when my corpse has been reanimated.
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me and GDL Vortex

Bye for now

All packed and ready to go to Queen's, everybody say a collective prayer for good weather.

See you all when I get back!
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aus open fedal

Tennis rant. Soderling fans may want to avoid.

So, Rafa's out of the French open, the first time he's ever lost there. It's a little shocking, and upsetting, especially as Rafa never really seemed to feel comfortable out there today and certainly wasn't playing anywhere near his best. I kinda felt from the start that today was going to be his last day, unfortunately. It's horrible enough for him to be gone, but I just hate the fact that he was took out by Soderling. I'm sorry, but I hate that guy. I don't normally have actual hate for players, either I just don't bother to follow them or I root for the opposing player, or even if I'm not particularly keen on their personality I can still appreciate them as a good player. But I just don't have that ability with Soderling, I can't find anything redeeming about him at all. I think the only player I dislike more than him is Tipsarevic, and at least Murray has already taken care of him (OK, he retired, but still) so I don't have to look at him any more.

But Soderling is through. Urgh.

Come on and win this thing, Roger. Rafa's already said he wants you to. At least then this year's Roland Garros won't have been a total bust.


"It's not a tragedy, I had to lose one day. I must accept my defeats with the same level of calm that I accept my victories."

Rafael Nadal
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